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  • ManitoS-Manito Super Token was born from an experiment completed by an anonymous team composed of multiple countries. It can be said to be a "performance art" on the blockchain.----- Does the Consensus Represent Value and We Can Copy the Value Attribute of Bitcoin? ManitoS is committed to building a global skills-based community that encourages people to release and share their skills. ManitoS wants to be acquired by such a crowd: Big coffee industry, industry leader, technology people. People who are called people in the world and in specific fields and groups. Different from the NEP, ENU and other bindings have been heat currency. ManitoS is "unobtrusive" -----not hot, does not distribute, does not take the initiative to airdrop, does not carry out any commercial publicity to complete nearly half a million holding address. ManitoS only relied on the advanced nature of the concept for three months. The award mechanism of his own contract and the spread of the virus on social media achieved this result. Now we are about to complete the important next step of the experiment¡ªgiving ManitoS the value of the transaction.
  • Talking about the cognition of ManitoS value from three angles. 1. Think about the value of money The current currency system is a credit currency derived from the Burlington forest system. The value comes from the national credit or the national strength and military power. However, national strength and military power cannot be quantified. Since it cannot be quantified, how can we ensure that the currency will not be excessive? On the other hand, there is no guarantee that ¡°IN GOD WE TRUST¡± is written on the U.S. dollar. This actually tells you that the dollar or currency is a kind of faith. It is the people¡¯s trust in currency that is not purely rational. It is a mixture of reason, pride, sacredness, plausibility, and inertia. This kind of trust is also fragile. For example, a one-night devaluation of 40 percent or 50 percent in the Thai baht and the ruble is also commonplace. ManitoS is actually the same. Its value is also derived from trust and consensus, and it is a more pure type of trust. Because it has no entity, this trust comes from the human dissatisfaction with the existing monetary system and from the human desire for better things. It is the existence of such a group that makes the price of ManitoS not zero. Because it has become a work of art, the purpose of buying it is due to its own love rather than price. And in fact, as long as it is cheap enough, someone will buy it continuously. The total amount of ManitoS is fixed even if others cannot recognize the value of ManitoS. As long as it has a price, more and more people will trust it.
  • 2. Manito price and reflexivity Soros thinks: Because of the lack of human nature, a thing will never return to its value, that is, it will be overkill. That is to say, when the value of a thing is underestimated, people's awareness of its rise will continue to increase in the process of rising - the final price after the rise will be higher than its own value, and vice versa. In this process, some people's pursuit of this rising thing will cause the rising expectations to continue to be pushed up and the price will be pushed up. Soros calls it reflexivity. This is actually the principle of the stock market. For example: Someone predicts: "A stock will soar and everyone will buy it soon." Then a lot of people bought it, causing the stock price to rise. So everyone said that this person's prediction is accurate. However, the actual process has nothing to do with the value of this stock. In essence, human beings are a kind of social animal, so the favorable predictions will be transmitted indefinitely and this weakness of humanity will be exacerbated. It is because of the existence of reflexivity that more and more people will recognize the value of ManitoS.
  • 3. The divinity of ManitoS Someone will say you, then I myself do not want to call ManitoSII too. The answer is ¡°you can¡¯t¡±. Because ManitoS's letter does not come from enthusiasm, platforms, various promotions, or distribution channels. It comes from the recognition of all skilled people in the world or its recognition of its own value. This kind of letter is already somewhat similar to religion. There are no restrictions on language, geography, nationality, status, or occupation. Purely out of the recognition of their own value and the value of others. Different from the traditional understanding of skills in society: language prowess, athleticism, artistic talent, etc. We want to give value to so-called "useless skills" and the rights conferred on it are given to all. ManitoS will be the label for the identity of these people in the blockchain world. We hope that people's gradual consensus on ManitoS can become the main reason why ManitoS can circulate in the market. Just like Bitcoin has become a religion.We also hope that ManitoS can be based on people¡¯s beliefs about values. Let people no longer be bound by the so-called certifications and certificates, so that the value of skills can be returned to the skills themselves. This is our purpose.

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